Hi everyone very useful news for u.Here we go this would be a prevention news for all. There is a proverb in english "prevention is better than cure" this is the most advicable news in this present world.Mostly 90% of people eating chicken flesh in this world. This would be the sad news for them because bird flu dominating the world much quicker than global warming. The main reason for this is flu affected from some other bird it mainly catches the hens very much.Those who like to eat a chicken please avoid to eat at present because it is mostly spread to india at west bengal mostly but it can spread to other parts too. So u need to avoid eating chicken be live a secure life. If u cant live without chicken means the best tips for u here we go
heat the chicken at 74% c it will reduce the bacteria and burn out all the defects.This is the only way to avoid major defects.
If u like to eat any fast food center means surely they didnt heat much temperature so avoid to eat chicken from outside. Then this would be the huge disaster for those who selling hen flesh. The best way to recover from that is they have to sell the others like goat, fish etc. Hence take dis as serious advice by me and make use of it...


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