It has become a fashion among chennaiites to use the cycle as the means of transportation in order to keep themselves physically fit and help in protecting the environment.Unlike other countries,where there are separate pathways for cyclists and cycling is considered to be a serious sport in india it is just the means of transportation for school goers and for those who cannot afford a motorbike or car.However there are few believe that cycling should be a form of exercise and more people should cycle to help protect the environment.It has multiple benefits.It is a perfect stressbuster for people in corporate houses way to reduce pollution.It is the best way to keep good healthand i think that travelling 10-15 kilometers everyday will help burn a lot of calories.Using a car for just one person is a waste of petrol and also affects surroundings tremendously.After travelling to various cities around the world, i have understood that more than any other transportation vehicle,people associate with cycles the most. If once a week everyone gives up travelling in cars and bikes, and goes cycling to destination, then we can make a huge difference to the environment.The best thing about cycling is the amount of petrol one can save.If we cycle often,we can easily preserve a lot of energy for future use.Especially with so much traffic adopting cycles for transportation is really convenient.Cycle races and rallies more people are coming forward to participate and hopefully in the near future we will have a pathway also for cyclists and thus work towards a healthy surrounding.These are the best way to pollution free in our environment.


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