The main problem in our present world is nothing but water. Most scientists telling that the third world war will occur because of nowadays we known that water is the main problem in the world.The main reason for that is deforestation of forests and less amount of rain.If we use the salt water become drinking water we will recover from this threat.Every country coming forward to solve this problem.If we have to do this project means it needs huge energy and money. It will create big problem for poor countries to solve this problem. This project is not much essential to village people.However neglect the defects and huge amount of power machine is created by german scientists.By solar power we can use this machine,for one day we will discover 120 litres of water by this machine. If we distribute salt water to this machine water will vapourises out from top side water will be saved, then bottom side salt water become eliminated.So topmost water become purified water.This machine become so small we can use this in house also.before this year end this machine will come to sold by told by scientists. So people make use of this project as most efficient and useful way. Moreover to avoid third world war this project become useful as anything. Hence this project become more convenient for us to live a secure life in future.


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