Saving life

An apple a day can keep doctor away is an adage, which prevailed among the human community for a number of years. This has been proven by the new study that was carried out in New York. It exhibited the fact that the admired fruit contains protective antioxidants, which helps in plummeting the risk of dementia among people. The researches came into this proclamation after scrutinizing the effects of apple, banana and orange extracts on neuron cells. It has been found that the phenolic phytochemicals of the fruits prevent neurotoxicity on the cells. Among the three fruits said above apple leads the list as it contains huge amount of protective antioxidants. These fruits are the important sources of vitamin, minerals and fiber that protect against neurodegenarative diseases like Alzheimer’s. The most startling pronouncement made after the unfathomable study is that regular exposure to safe low level infra-red light could turn back the brain’s biological clock and reverse the effects of reminiscence loss.


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