Have you ever got what you wanted when you name your site. Most of the time we fail to get the website name that we had in our mind. With no other option, we end up giving some crap name for our site that is why some websites doesn't get the priority when a search engine searches for a particular word the user gives which will not be crap most of the time. The main reason for why we don't get the name we wanted is that it has already been registered by someone. Its really good thing if one registers a particular name and uses it properly. But i tried so many registered names in blogspot but most of them doesn't even have a single post. Because of this people who really want to do some nice posts do not get the names they wanted just because they are late to the blogspot. It will be greatly appreciated if blogspot looks into it and deactivates those blogs that remain inactive for say more than 3 months. This will definitely improve the standards of blogging. Hope it happens soon.


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