It is vitally important to integrate the views and concerns of the farm family into the process of policy development. If the input is not there, policy planners could implement programs that are philosophically separated from the farm families' concerns and attitudes. This would destroy credibility and future farmer support of any new program development.
From May of 1988 to April of 1989, a phone and mail survey of approximately 1,500 farmers and spouses was conducted to assess knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding agricultural safety and health. The survey was conducted in Iowa, New York, South Carolina, and Washington state.
Preliminary results from Iowa and New York indicated that: 1) farmers value highly, and are concerned with, occupational health and safety issues; 2) farmers report that their major concerns include stress, trauma and respiratory problems; 3) farmers would like access to an occupational health and safety service; and 4) any new farm health and safety programs must include farmer input to ensure practicality, applicability, and acceptance.


Farming will be a great business.

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