I totally wish I would have run across this Bills IQ website about a year ago before we bought our vehicle. Now at that time, we think that we were doing excellent work as far as our credit was concerned, and we also thought we were getting a pretty good deal on the vehicle. What was once a "pretty good deal" has now turned into a complete nightmare. I guess I never thought the price of petrol would REALLY go up so high. We put a for sale sign on it - but no one wants to buy our vehicle anymore. At least not for the price we need out of it. Now we are pretty much just stuck trying to get by from paycheck to paycheck. We have a few credit cards that have come in handy in emergencies, but there have been a few too many of those emergencies - so now we can add that to the list of debt. On top of all of that, our dream of buying our own flat is pretty much out of the question now. Because of the vehicle and credit cards - our credit score went right down the toilet hole. What's screwed up is that we THOUGHT using credit would help us get BETTER credit. We were late on ONE payment to the credit card company by like two days, and there it is on our credit report - not good. PLUS we didn't know that every time you even have someone look at your credit - say for a loan you might just be considering - it takes your score down a few points. So really you end up sliding down the scale few steps for every 1 forward you take. It's a complete mess if you ask me. So anyhow, I've been looking over the website to find out how in the world I can get out of this problem and improve our financial score so that we aren't stuck in this trailer forever..Sponsored by Bills.comFor_opportunities

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