Tshirtprinting4u.com started as an idea. A simple idea to create and sell stuff that would appeal to the thousands of people out there who were on the front line and in the trenches as the Internet was forged. From programmers, engineers, students, lovers of open source, to the masses that helped create the behind-the-scenes Internet culture. TshirtPrinting started as a way to serve a market that was passionate about technology. Tshirt embroidery utilizes computerised sewing machines that reproduce your artwork or logo. Your artwork or logo needs to be digitized. An experienced digitizing programmer needs to re-create your logo/artwork. This cost can range from $25 - on up depending on the detail of your logo/artwork.Costs associated with embroidery are the cost of "digitizing" and the total number of "stitches" per shirt needed for your order. Ordering large quantities helps offset the cost. We can Design Tshirts Online to make creating shirts for fun and easy.We can screen embroider Tshirts, sweatshirts,polo shirts, baseball caps,tote bags and much more .Tshirt Man includes the further god's kingdom it has been working for 20 years and all our work is guarenteed in writing.We can attempt to get any color requested but it is subject to availability.Colors offered in Design Online are listed on the design page if you would want colors not offered there then you would need to contact a company representative.We are confident that 110% of the time our prices are the lowest on the Internet!Our products are guaranteed to be first quality products, no seconds or irregulars, free from manufacturer defect. This is a feature to the website that enables you to make your own T-shirt utilizing ready to print vector clipart that is provided. Choose your shirt color, choose your artwork and order your shirts with the click of your mouse.


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March 22, 2008 at 6:14 PM  

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