There are many theories about how an employee dresses at work does or does not affect performance. It should depend on the industry, suitability for the task, and in whether or not you deal with customers face to face. Someone doing business with customers needs to be smartly dressed. But if the guy who answers the phone in a callcenter is wearing torn jeans, I would neither know nor care. I don't think performance would be affected except in that personal comfort affects performance. You are not going to perform your best if you're too hot or too cold. I don't think anyone should have to wear clothes to work. (except maybe really ugly people).By far, Friday is the most popular day for workplaces that have a weekly dress down, according to the survey of more than 80 employers by the Sacramento office of Norrell Staffing Services, a temporary this would be the wondering news that casual dress is in style at work in california. so my point of view our best is not in our dress it will be in our capability, stability and stamina to do our work very sincerely and regularly its enough for everyone.Thus so our dressing does not affect performance and feel free to your dressing sense have a freedom to live in this competitive world.


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