Everyone will admire Super Star RajiniKanth. He has huge set of fans around the globe. Many fans in Tamil Nadu are even worship Rajini as their God. They celebrate his film release as a festival. I am one among his die hard fan. I usually spend more than 250 bucks to watch my super star film on first day of release. I am following this trend right from the film padayappa. But this time I didn’t show any interest in watching Kuselan film on first day of release. P. Vasu is the director of this film and G. V Prakash is the music director. In this film Rajini acted as Super Star itself. The story line is very simple and in one word Pasupathy (Rajini’s old friend) tries to visit RajiniKanth (Super Star). Did he succeed in his mission? This is the heart of the story.P. Vasu once again did the blunder with my Super Star. First in Chandramuki, he added many double meaning dialogs and also he showed Rajini very badly in that film. Now in Kuselan, it is even more unbearable. To my point of view, Kuselan is the high range fancy dress competition where there are only two competitors. The competition is between Rajini and Nayantara. Vadivel comedy is little boost to this film. The introduction song is also not up to the mark. Songs are only meant for showcasing RajiniKanth. This film looks like high budget Lollu Sabha in which Jeeva was replaced by RajiniKanth. This is first time in Super Star’s film, where many audiences left the theatre in the middle of the show. I totally disturbed by watching this film. This film will definitely hurt all the die hard fan of Super Star. As a fan of Super Star, I kindly request him to avoid doing such films in future. My sincere request to Mr. P. Vasu, please don’t direct films any more that too with RajiniKanth. The climax of this film which is supposed to be sentimental brings laughter to us. The whole theatre is laughing, making noise and doing unwanted stuffs. On the whole, I wasted 100 bucks by watching this film. This is my point of view. Comment your views about this film for sure. Let us show our pain to Thala

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