Those of you who talk for long hours on the cell phone maybe at a risk of developing brain tumour, says the latest study conducted by Australian neurosurgeon.But this is not the first time that we're being warned against the ill-effects of cell phones. There have been numerous studies about how the radiation from cell phones can reduce the sperm count if kept in your pocket, how it can hamper your sleep, how it can lead to memory loss and so on and so forth.However, the WHO clearly states that there are gaps in knowledge and only further research over a period of years will help to evaluate the health risks involved.In order to prevent everyone in this present situation, there are some steps we must follow they are use the cell phone speaker phone mode.Then we have to minimise the use of blue tooth devices.The most important thing to do that we have to restrict the amount of time spent on cell phones.As we belong to very fast world it is very difficult for us to use a cell phones very less time.We must follow the certain rules regarding how to avoid major problems by cell phones and so beware of this issue then make use of the cell phones as a very useful and healthy manner.


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