On par with Robot!

Director Vasantha Balan is a master storyteller, known for directing movies with a touch of realism. After this much-acclaimed Veyil he is now working on Angadi Theru. While his debut film, Album, turned out to be a flop, Veyil broke all records and even participated in prestigious film festivals including Cannes and Shangai festivals. It is not too much to
say that he is shouldering a heavy responsibility of living up to the expectations of movie buffs.

This time around, Vasantha Balan introduces Mahesh, a volley ball player. When questioned about his fancy for debutants, the director in a recent interview to a magazine said that he intends to follow the footsteps of director Balachander, who gave many stalwarts to the Tamil film industry.

He also proudly added that Ayngaran Films, the producers of Angadi Theru are showing equal importance to his film, in fact on par with Robot. This shows the recognition he commands in Kollywood.


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