Youtube is turning up everywhere even on digital still cameras. Casio's new 8.1 megapixel exilim zoom EX-Z80 like other new recent cameras features a you tube capture mode that shoots movie clips in the site's reccommended format and resolution, and comes with software to upload the videos to the web very soon. The camera which sells for about $200, records video in the H.64 standard which also makes the mini movies compatible for ipod viewing.Even EX-380 has a 3X optical zoom and a face detection picture to help improve the focus and exposure of people in the photo.There is also a self-portriat mode that automatically snaps the picture when your face is fully within the frame. The exilim EX-380 comes in six colours they are green black blue silver pink and has a 2.6 inch lcd screen even it is very much useful for the people those who are living in urban areas very much . Hence the digital cam become more essential to get a youtube inside it and get more number of varieties at a time.
Thus this digital cam become more sufficient to all people have it and had a nice time...


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