In case of email, we get some duplicate address how to identify that type of instant
let see the tips the thing is u log in to website called after u did put the location of the address and then that website combine with that location server its prove that is it this address have any inbox. if it has any inbox the given address is correct.
Another tips for chatting people
we all know yahoo, google, and m.s.n. in these are the websites we can chat unless be a member we cant able to chat.Inspite of doing that we can login to website called u login put any other name hence it creates a new chatting room for that name. Then we send that chatting address to someone whom we like . By that address they can also easily join with chatting room. Another thing we can use the duplicate name here.Those who like to chat very fast n easy here we go.hi everyone make use of dis tips have a great day...


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